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Hotboy Harmonica successfully confesses with hotgirl in HCM USSH


In a game-show named “Khuc hat se duyen” displayed on HTV Channel, players take part in 3 rounds of different challenge. Female invitee removes males in turn, only a man can stay there to date with her after the game-show


Main female in episode 10 is Pham Linh, a student of HCM University of social sciences and humanities. She was considered as a modern model but liked the nostalgic life


Her opinion was that time could change anything but the soul. Participating the show, she wanted to find a lover along with her to keep every moments in life.


Tan Phat, one of many candidates, was impressed with the talent of playing harmonica.


Pham Linh was attracted by his performance with a harmonica song. He seemed to have an advantage when he was asked about key “melodies of the soul” – That she wanted in the journey of true love. She asked a question: “If we had a date, after a time you found I have many differences with you, how would you do?”


By the melodies of the soul, he took an advantage to conquest hot girl in USSH. He skipped other candidates to continue in a final round


In the scene of afternoon in a train station, Tan Phat confessed with her by his best trial. First, he gave her a tumbler rabbit with a message “ If one day, you were extremely tired and couldn’t be stood up, I would be there, standing by you and making you smile. This made Pham Linh trembly. 


In a more sudden, A designer man was talent with harmonica. The sound of  Right here waiting song played with the meaning “Wherever you go,Whatever you do,I will be right here waiting for you” made Pham Linh speechless

Next, Tan Phat gave her a song “Tu khi gap em” and express: “I am a child away from home, i only come home a year per time, so I hope from now on, I will have a partner to come home. And it’s you”


This couple found the melodies of the soul and decided to have a date.

Witnessed with the romantic confession scene, Kieu Minh Tuan “matchmaker” evaluated that although Tan Phat was not taller than Pham Linh “a head” by literal meaning, he could make her thrilled and shy.


Before Tan Phat’s frank confession, Pham Linh decided to give a hug to other players and choose Tan Phat to become her lover.


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