————— ?? On behalf of love ?? ————–

In April, when the mix of summer days melodies still have some rhythms of the spring. It ot only bring back some low note, something passed away, but also some high note of loves, beliefs and hopes.

✨ It’s very simple to participate! follow these 3 steps:

Access to participate: Click here

✨ Step 1: Like Fanpage Harmonica Tabs + Share the post in public mode (for Admin to check)

2 Step 2: Send your photos with the harmonica to the Fanpage inbox with the HARMONICA LOVE title and also your full name and which message you want to send. (Note: each entry includes only 1 photo which you choose).

✨ Step 3: Call your friends to like, share your photos in the album.

✨ How to mark entries:

1 Likes = 1 point

1 Share = 2 points

Total points = likes + shares

✨ 1 Favorite Prize: Tombo band 21 key selected by you (photo with the highest score) + The Harmonica badge

✨ 1 Most impressive prize: 1 Suzuki mr500 (voted by BTC) + The Harmonica badge

✨ 5 consolation prizes: Extremely cool Miniharp, can blow or make a necklace (5 pictures get the next high score) + The Harmonica badge

✨ Time for receiving paticipate photos: March 11, 2018 – March 30, 2018

✨ Time to close: 19:00 01/04/2018

✨ Awards announcement time: 20:00 01/04/2018:

✨ Participate Account MUST NOT BE CLONE(means you got at least  100 friends and interact).

✨ Each account permit to participate one time only.

✨ In any cases, the decisions of the BTC is the final decision.

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