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[OST Thưa Mẹ Con Đi / Goodbye Mother] Cảm Ơn Và Xin Lỗi – Chillies – Harmonica Tab


I rarely go to movie theaters, only once a year. Watching the trailer, I decided to go see the premiere at 11:30 on Sunday 25/12. At the time of ticket purchase, the staff said no one bought the ticket at all, maybe I will be considered alone. I feel fine. After that, I was a bit sad because the team had tried so hard. The whole theater is mine. Then a girl came in and sat two rows away. So we watched the whole movie together. When the movie ended, the song sounded both silent for about 1 minute and I was still left behind by the movie’s repercussion. The light came on, and the girl turned to look at me with a sympathetic, friendly, tolerant smile. I opened my mouth to say thank you suddenly. We quietly left the stands to join the bustling crowd outside.

Raise/Lower Octave:

Original Tone: C


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