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Practice Tips Breathing for Harmonica is the most effective!

Practice Tips Breathing for Harmonica is the most effective!
Most experienced Harmonica players acknowledge that practicing Harmonica in the following 3 times is the most effective for our breath, helping us to have a breath of air conditioning.
1- When waking up: For those who have the habit of getting up early, about 6 am, our breath is the weakest when all important organs in the body are rested or slowed down.

After brushing your teeth and washing your face, you play a 2-5 minute trumpet, or play a fully completed song, now you are like exercising with your abdomen, breathing. When smoking blowing air conditioner so you will be more alert, no more sleepy, refreshing body full of energy. Time is good for us.

2 - Before going to sleep: After a tired day, our breathing is no longer regular and now the breath is as weak as when we wake up. If we blow Harmonica at this time, we will easily push those tired breaths, our body will be more refreshed and we will sleep better.
3 - When there is a special mood: When you are happy, when you are sad, when you are depressed, you are sad, stressed ... Blowing Harmonica at this time is also a method to make life and mood better. When these times are your body, your breath doesn't regulate. Sometimes when you blow when you're in love, you feel like your breath is natural, breathing hard and thick, like you want to vent your emotions. At these times, playing Harmonica is nothing more wonderful. When blowing for a long time, our mood will be stable, emotions will be relaxed again. When the respiration on the trumpet has gradually helped regulate you.
Note: Do not blow at midnight in the surrounding area, AD is not responsible. If you need to practice the feeling of blowing the trumpet in the middle of the night, no one will scold, visit the head office of AD at 220/42 Nguyen Van Block - p9 - Go Vap. Let the memo bugle experience till morning ^^.
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