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Thành phố sương – Hà Anh Tuấn – Harmonica Tab



“There are many music works written about Da Lat, Viet Anh musician has a song that Ha Anh Tuan is very favorite. I don’t know whether I sing it well or not but when I sing, I imagine a space with bold Da Lat, it is poetic and full of dew, just like the character of Da Lat people. Tuan do not know if Da Lat’s girl loves or is cold or warm or not, I doesn’t have the chance to experience that feeling. Please listen to a song by Viet Anh, who writes about the foggy city, but this fog layer is a shield and a thirst for youthful love.”


Note: There are some bending note in the last piece of music
Raise/Lower Octave:

Original Tone: D


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