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The Harmonica companies with Unique On , The opening days of Favorite Clubs in FTU


 chain of special days of Unique On displayed in Foreign Trade University (FTU) in Hanoi is over successfully. The Harmonica is very honor to be an official sponsor companied with FTU students. This seems to be an interesting playground for students, especially for  new students. This is also a yearly activity of Favourite Clubs among the school’s clubs. The event is celebrated outdoors after school, so lots of students are interested in enjoying it.


This program has lots of  performances from clubs like playing guitar, singing, catwalk, dancing hiphop,… The harmonica also prepares a special cover for the program, and it is impressed by many students.


This harmonica cover aims for spreading harmonica instrument to community that our team – the harmonica is trying to make young people’s favorite and passion, especially to new students. Besides, the program has a mini game with valid gifts from sponsors, and The harmonica is honored to give the first prize for a lucky person.

After 3 days of the event, Unique On was successful in an unexpected way that many students were still enjoying there until the end. The harmonica hope Unique On – Favorite Clubs to find more memberships, and hope you know more about harmonica!


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