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Thư tình cuối mùa thu (Thơ tình cuối mùa thu) – Harmonica Tab


Fall – love season, don’t know when people have defaulted themselves. For now, that gentle season suddenly became an endless source of inspiration for generations of writers. Whether reflected in poetry, music, painting or any kind of art, anyone can easily recognize in each work the harmony between the sky and the people, each of the collection to calm the surplus sweet, clear taste.

Up to now, in many creative fields, there have been many successful artists with autumn themes – love. But, to have a great product for the life of the poetic relationship – music is rare. And so, the work further confirmed the value and intensity of life, the school survived ups and downs in five months.

One of the beautiful “love songs of the fall” about couple love is the poem “The late autumn love letter” of the woman Xuan Quynh, which is flanked by lyrical and musical melodies of trying musician Phan Huynh Dieu.

Raise/Lower Octave:

Original Tone: G


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