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Tremolo Tombo Band 21 – Only 1 For Everything !


Tombo is evaluated the first harmonica tremolo by the community. Every experiences about it is unique. You can never find one like this in any harmonica. 

Both Tombo and design engineers are in the pressure by people’s expectation when designing it. It is a product with classical and modern style, suitable for new beginners and professionals, suitable for any kind of stages, even street stage. And the most important feature is cheap but high duration

Link Product : Here 

If you are a new beginner of Harmonica, owning this harmonica will help you practice easier, even 3 times as fast as compared with other people.


Today, I will share with you my opinion about Tombo band 21, the evaluated harmonica is most worth considering if you want to conquer Harmonica tremolo.


Although you never play with tremolo or Harmonica in general, I believe you are satisfied and impassioned with it from the first playing, even with the most fastidious person. 


The reason for saying that because it is a kind of harmonica suitable for all people from new beginners to professionals, performances. I am also using this harmonica. And I evaluate it 9/10 based on all criterias (though liking it, I just point it because point 10 is for better harmonica).


Tombo band 21 is near high-end segment one, only by 1.400.000 VND, easy to buy, easy to use. Its duration is extremely high (from 3 to 7 years), whilst other harmonica brands having the same segment or cheaper only playing from several weeks or months appear some petty errors that make me uncomfortable

Its cover was made by ABS material. Both of its cover were polished smoothly by stainless steel that didn’t create friction when playing. If using a harmonica difficult to blow, making lips painful, though being a new beginner or professional, it makes us frustrating and uncomfortable. Tombo band 21, with special timbre, harmonious seamless block comb makes your breath not escape out of harmonica, and saves 60 % of your breath compared with other harmonicas


The deeply tremolo effect, vibration frequency was calibrated carefully with each notes, each copper leaves that created harmonious timbre on harmonica and made our feelings mix up with our breath


The techniques like bending, lingering are very good. You can bend notes easily from the time you touch your lips on harmonica basically. The timbre of lingering, bending is clear, not blocked, and not difficult to control.


The sound reverberates naturally when you blow an amount of thick breath. It is also customizable outdoor, warm in narrow space like recording, performance by micro,… This is also the choice of many professionals

The timbre of Harmonica is very important: Some of the most optimized tone of Tombo band 21: G, G#, A, A# and C. Besides, minor scales like Am, Gm, Em,.. of Tombo band are also hunted a lot. Because minor tone of harmonica support for common people to detect notes of a song


If you owns 3 types of tombo band,  A, major A# and minor A, you will be really confident to conquer Harmonica


Through this sharing, I hope people not knowing about Tombo or Tombo band don’t miss a harmonica meeting all the most puritanical criterias to satisfied with your experience


Pure Sound of Tombo Band 21



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