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What songs are for Harmonica beginners? 


Easy songs for the beginners?

Beginners normally want to find some easy songs to play and practice with harmonica. They also make some questions such as: What songs are easy for beginners? What songs are for beginners? 


Are you difficult to find a song for self-practicing at home?


And many questions are inboxed in Harmonica Tabs Page like that


Therefore, We will list 5 easy songs to help beginners play with harmonica in an easy way today.


  1. Au Clair De la Lune


=> This songs is very easy for practicing because there’s only 3 notes ( sound files attached here)

  1. Ode to Joy


=> you will practice this song with 5 notes  ( sound files attached here)


  1. Kia con buom vang


=> this song will be played on 7 notes (middle octave) and it’s also played in the low octave and high octave. Here is link of this song on the website that you can play this song by another harmonica type. To practice play this song with different octaves, let’s download The harmonica Plus app!


sound files attached here


ABC- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as the same


sound files attached here


  1. Happy birthday


=> Next, This is a familiar song for you but it’s more difficult than previous songs because it’s applied with surfing lip techniques .  Refer to this here


sound files attached here


5.The moon represents my heart 


=> Finally, This is the most never-fading song that all beginners have known. We will practice this song with surfing lip techniques, steady beat, vibrato to make rhythm of the song emotional and grieving. 


Some easy songs are referred to here  


If you want to have a suitable harmonica, see on the website: sonclip.com or inbox fanpage for more information


Good choice and Good practice!


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